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What: Reading Across Rhode Island Reading Across Rhode Island is an initiative bringing the entire state together around one book and achieving the profound goal of many Rhode Islanders reading and talking about that book. The goal of Reading Across Rhode Island is to broaden and deepen people's appreciation of literature/books through reading and discussion. The selected novel for the 2005 project is The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

Who: Librarians, educators, and book-lovers from all over the state meet monthly to plan and implement this annual project. It is the signature project for the newly-formed RI Center for the Book, which is hosted by the Providence Public Library. Reading Across Rhode Island is chaired by Lieutenant Governor Charles J. Fogarty and supported by Fidelity Investments, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Reading with Robin - a local radio talk show and Penguin Books.

When: The project officially kicks off in January, 2005 with a Literacy Conference held at Community College of Rhode Island in Warwick. The conference focuses on using the book in discussion groups and classrooms. The workshop presenters illustrate the different themes of the book, emphasizing additional resources and extension activities to bring to the reading and sharing of the book. For the next three months, communities are encouraged to get Rhode Islanders reading: in classrooms, libraries, bookstores and small book groups, and individually. Community groups are encouraged to post their Kite Runner planned events and activities on the Reading Across Rhode Island website. All this activity will culminate in a Mother’s Day Breakfast in May Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet.

Where: Public libraries, middle and high schools, adult education agencies, book discussion groups and senior centers all over the state are participating in this project. This site is the communication tool for Reading Across Rhode Island and includes many resources, such as discussion guides, ideas for local programs and classroom activities, a calendar of local public events, and downloadable publicity materials and graphics to help individuals, organizations, and institutions organize Reading Across Rhode Island activities in their communities.

Why: To bring Rhode Islanders together through reading: one book - one state - literally

Contact: , Providence Public Library, 225 Washington Street, Providence RI. 02903
Ph: (401) 455-8134