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If you want to read more fiction like The Secret Life of Bees check out these titles….. Available Through the CLAN Library Catalog

Civil Rights Related Fiction
Cox, Elizabeth. Night Talk. Graywolf, 1997
Davis, Thulani. 1959. Grove Weidenfeld. 1992.
Kincaid, Nanci. Crossing Blood. Putnam’s Sons, 1992.
Martin, Joe. Fire in the Rock. Novello Festival Press, 2001.
Miller, Alyce. Stopping for Green Lights. Doubleday, 1999.
Naslund, Sena Jeter. Four Spirits. Morrow, 2003.
Pierce, Constance. Hope Mills. Norton, 1997
Schott, Penelope Scambly. A Little Ignorance. Crown, 1986.
Shreve, Susan. A Country of Strangers. Simon and Schuster, 1989.
Trobaugh, Augusta. Swan Place. Dutton, 2002

Bee and Beekeeping Related Fiction
Anderson-Dargatz, Gail. A Recipe for Bees. Harmony, 1998.
Bergen, David. See the Child. Simon and Schuster, 2002.
Fickett, David. Nectar. Forge, 2002.
Graver, Elizabeth. The Honey Thief. Hyperion. 1999.
Howard, Mary. Discovering the Body. William Morrow, 2000.
Jackson, Mick. Five Boys. William Morrow, 2002
Penner, Jonathan. Natural Order. Poseidon, 1990.
Wallace, Marilyn. So Shall You Reap. Doubleday. 1992.
Wright, Nancy Means. Stolen Honey. St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2002