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Teacher ResourcesSecret Life of Bees
Using the Secret Life of Bees in a Family Literacy Program
Handout List for RARI Family Literacy Workshop Jan 17, 2003 CCRI

Presenters: Kristen McKenna and Evelyn Castillo
Contact info: 455-8066

If you did not receive one/some of the handouts, please me your US mail address, so I may send them to you.
*Handouts with an * are electronic files and can be found on this website to download or on another website (URL address given after handout title)

*The Providence Public Library’s LARK KITS list is available through the library catalog system by typing LARK into the AUTHOR field in the Horizon ipac search web page and an alphabetical list by theme will come up. You need to call Cheryl Space at 455-8042 to reserve your kit for delivery at a PPL branch.
Teachers need not have a PPL Teacher Card to take out the "Secret Life of Bees" LARK kits, but if you intend on taking out other kits, a Teacher Card is recommended. The kits are checked out (like any library materials) for 10 days. They can be renewed unless someone is waiting for the kit. Orders are taken in the order received.

LARK Kit Theme Two: African American Identity and the Civil Rights Movement
1. Lesson Plan* includes, French and Spanish translation of the summary*
2. Being Treated Equally handout, (can be used with K through adults)*
3. Some Good Books (and more) About Black History and Civil Rights*
By mail:
4. Martin Luther King Wheel Book Pattern and directions (can be used with school-aged and parents in a family activity)
5. "I have a Dream," Martin Luther King’s Birthday Reading and vocabulary worksheet (for Grade 5 and 6, and Beginner +adults)
6. Harriet Tubman: reading (Grade 6-8 or Intermediate Adult)
7. Black History: Famous African-Americans and their contributions, musical moods, and tribal traditions: Parade of Heroes series
8. Journeys to Self Esteem: Children’s Books with Themes of Cultural and Social Empowerment by Ewa Pytowska and Gail Pettiford Willet: (includes my notes from a DOE workshop where Ewa presented her ideas). Additionally, there are two copies of the Lucille Clifton Poems she referred to and I suggest you refer to a book by Eloise Greenfield called: "Honey I love"
9. Globalinks: Resources for World Studies Grades K-8, Peggy Beck- section on Human Rights, Racism and Social Issues. (Resource list)
10. "Booklinks Magazine": 4 articles entitled: "Joy, Hope and Inspiration in Books about African Americans", May 1998; "Racism and the Civil Rights Movement", Sept. 1999; "Passing Stores On", March 1995; "The African American Struggle for Freedom", Jan. 1992