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E-Mails from Scheherazad
by Mohja Kahf
E-Mails from Scheherazad     Kahf blends the experiences of recent Arab-American immigrants into contemporary American scenery. In her poems, Muslim ritual and Qur'anic vocabulary move in next door to the idiom of suburban Americana.

by Khalillullah Khalili
    Khalili, a major contemporary Sufi poet of Afghanistan and a refugee of the Russian invasion in 1979, died in 1987. In addition to poetry, he is author of over 20 standard works on history, literature and philosophy.

Songs of Love and War: Afghan Women's Poetry
by Sayd Bahodine Majruh
flag of childhood     Majrouh, the preeminent Afghan poet of the twentieth century, has here collected the songs of anonymous Pashtun women from the time of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

The Flag of Childhood : Poems From the Middle East
collected by Naomi Shihab Nye
    In this stirring anthology of sixty poems from the Middle East, honored anthologist Naomi Shihab Nye welcomes us to this lush, vivid world and beckons us to explore.

19 Varieties of Gazelle: Poems of the Middle East
by Naomi Shihab Nye
secret rose garden     Naomi Shihab Nye has been writing about being Arab-American, about Jerusalem, about the West Bank, about family all her life. These new and collected poems of the Middle East -- sixty in all -- appear together here for the first time.

Essential Rumi
by Jalal Al-Din Rumi
    These exquisite renderings of the 13th-century Persian mystic's words into American free verse capture all the "inner searching, the delicacy, and simple groundedness" that characterize Rumi's poetry.

The Secret Rose Garden
by Mahmud Shabistari
    The mystic verse of Shabistari, written during a period of fierce conflict between Christianity and Islam in the fourteenth century, must be considered among the greatest poetry of any time or land.