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Teacher Resources: Excerpts from Wish You WellWish You Well cover

David Baldacci’s Wish You Well is available in audiobook format, both abridged and unabridged.

Some suggested places to start in Wish You Well:

p. 1 (description of Louise Mae Cardinal the younger, “Lou”) “Louise Mae Cardinal, twelve years old, tall and rangy, her hair the color of sun-dappled straw…”

p. 2 (description of Oscar Cardinal, “Oz”) “He was seven, small for his age, though there was the promise of height in his long feet…”

p. 23 (Oz’s character further described) “If ever hope and fear could be compressed into one emotion and displayed on a single face…”

p. 43 (description of Diamond) “His red hair was all crazy-angled cowlicks, which still failed to cover conical ears…”

p. 50 (description of George Davis) “The man piloting this contraption was far more frightening than the vision of out-of-control machinery…”

p. 57 (description of Louisa Mae Cardinal the elder, “Louisa”) “She was very tall, and though also very lean, she looked strong enough to strangle a bear…”

p. 67 (further insight into Lou’s character) “As Lou examined each piece of hickory or oak, it was as though she was revisiting each facet of her prior life…)

p. 75 (further insight into Oz’s character) “Oz wound up and threw the ball, his arm snapping…”

p. 91 (description of Cotton Longfellow) “The man stopped the car and got out. He was tall, with a lanky body…”

p. 104-105 (interaction between Louisa and Lou) “Louisa put down her mending…”

p. 106-107 (interaction between Louisa, Lou, and Amanda) “Lou got up especially early and went into her mother’s room…)

p. 114 (Lou fights with Billy) “His look of triumph was short-lived because it ran smack into Lou’s bony right fist…”

p. 121 (Jack’s letter to Louisa) “Well, Louisa, you’ll be pleased to know the memories of the mountain are as strong right now…”

p. 125 (Oz’s wish) “He stopped and stared at the brick-and-mortar beast…”

p. 126 (Lou’s wish) “Lou wasted no time…”

p. 136-137 (Lou, Oz, and Diamond’s growing friendship) “Diamond reached safe ground and looked back…”

p. 152 (Oz and Amanda) “After supper that night Oz excused himself and went to his mother’s room…”

p. 157 (Lou, Oz and Amanda) “She had grown used to dressing in the dark now…”

p. 168-169 (further insight into Louisa’s character) “He held up a menacing hand to her…”

p. 170-171 (Louisa, Oz, and Lou’s relationship) “Louisa kept teaching the children things…”

p. 183 (Louisa, Oz, and Lou’s relationship) “’The truth, Lou, ordered the woman…’”

p. 192 (further insight into Lou’s character) “The sounds of music had stayed with her through the night…”

p. 196 (Lou and her family’s graves) “Lou went over to the little cleared space under the dense shade of an evergreen…”

p. 235 (Lou reads Amanda’s letters) “’Dear Louisa, I hope you are doing well…’”

p. 253 (Lou and Oz’s birthday) “When they got back, they were surprised to see Cotton’s car in front…”

p. 275 (Lou, Louisa, and love of the land) “’You ask me why I don’t never leave this place?..’”

p. 284 (Lou and Oz on their own) “’What were you doing in Mom’s room?..’”

p. 334 (Lou and Amanda) “She rode Sue back, put the mare down for the night, and went into her mother’s room…”

p. 342 (Lou and Louisa) “Lou turned and looked at her great-grandmother…”

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