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Teacher Resources: Book List for Reading Across RI Appalachia Lark Kit--City and Country/Transitions
Wish You Well cover

Featured Adult and Young Adult Selection: Baldacci David, Wish You Well, 2000 - Selected Text Chapters 4-7

Featured Family Literacy Selection: Brett Jan, Town Mouse Country Mouse, 1994 ~ Spanish, audio, video versions in the Clan System

Appalachian Background book: Bial Raymond, Mist Over the Mountains: Appalachia and Its People, 1997

Children’s Literature:
Aliki, Spoken Memories, 1998
Anholt Catherine and Lawrence, Harry’s Home, 1999
Baker Jeannine, Window, 1988
Binch Caroline, Gregory Cool, 1994
Burton Virginia Lee, The Little House Her-Story, 1942
Hasely Dennis, The Old Banjo, 1983- accompaniment to the music
Guest Elissa Haden, Iris and Walter, 2000-First and Second Grade Reader
Naylor Phyllis Reynolds, Sang Spell, 1998- Young Adult
Rylant Cynthia, Night In The Country, 1986
Rylant Cynthia, The Relatives Came, 1985

Contrasting styles of Music: Country/ City- around the same time period as Wish You Well
The Alan Lomax Collection: Southern Journey Ballads and Breakdowns
Songs from the Southern Mountains Volume 2
, 1997- Appalachian music from the 1930’s and 1940’s
Charlie Parker: Confirmation: The Best of the Verve Years, 1995- New York City Urban Jazz from the 1940’s- 1950’s (especially Disc 2)

Alternate Jazz Selection: Duke Ellington His Famous Orchestra, Take the ‘A’ Train, 1941

Other Appalachian Music Selections can be found in the CLAN library system. Providence Public Library has a large music collection.

You will need a Teacher card or Agency card to reserve Lark Kits. You may obtain a card at any branch of the Providence Public Library (PPL). All the kits must be taken out at a PPL branch and returned in 10 days to a PPL Branch. Call Cheryl Space at 455-8042 to reserve a Lark Kit, or e-mail her at

Available kits: In the City, In the Country, Travel, Trains, On the Farm, Neighborhood

Any one of the books selected could be read and followed up with a collage activity. Parent and child can look through the magazine together, thus reinforcing literacy skills
· A Country Collage: Use magazines, cut out things you would see in the country
A City Collage: Cut out things you would see in the city

· My Home Then: A collage of the things from the native land of that family, Ex. Puerto Rico- Palm Trees Beaches
· My Home Now: Things from the area they live in now

Collage Tips
· Using a mix of materials in a collage is more fun and nicer then just magazine cutouts - buttons, cloth swatches, old photos etc.
· Participants can bring in some materials from home
· Placing a frame around the collage will also make it nicer
· Using cutout words in English or another language makes it more meaningful to that family

Music Activity
After reading The Old Banjo and looking at the pictures of instruments and players on pages 30-32 of Mist Over the Mountains:
· Use the suggested music or a tape of Children’s folk songs
· Listen to one song from each style and ask the parents and children to tell you which one they liked more and why?
· Identify the differences- Questions teachers can ask-
Is the music fast or slow? What sounds do you hear? Are they different instruments used in the two pieces of music you have heard? How is the music different or alike from the music you listen to?
· Have the adults and children experiment with musical instruments to identify the differences. You can use a pan, empty box, block of wood and a wooded spoon.
· Demonstrate the different ways to dance to the music: jitterbug vs. square dancing
· Making Musical Instruments: Instructions enclosed

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